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A summary of the first set of playable characters and their abilities.

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sp erupic 1

Agile and lethal, Erudil is the last remaining creature from his fainted planet. Through severe training and meditation he unlocked the ethereal power of the flaming sword.

His main attack is the sword slash:

Runner 2016 02 05 00 38 28 03

And his secondary ability is the ethereal sword projection:Runner 2016 02 05 00 38 07 99


sp maypic 1

A stranded goddess that is forced and tied onto this existence. Controlling the power of fire she is now searching the cause for her summoning.

Her main ability is the fireball:Runner 2016 02 05 00 37 40 15

Her second ability is the immolation:

Runner 2016 02 05 01 09 47 27


sp noqpic 1

Noqu is a priest warrior leading his people against the forces that want to consume his lands

His main weapon is the spear:Runner 2016 02 05 11 23 58 69

And his secondary ability is the dash:

Runner 2016 03 12 23 12 23 82


Nice pixel art! I love it

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Shurita Author

Hey, thanks, there is much love on those pixels =)

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