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Want a free Desura key for NEO Scavenger? Read on!

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Heads-up, folks!

Want a free copy of NEO Scavenger? ne_zavarj is giving away Desura keys to 10 lucky posters in the following thread:

Note the rules carefully! (Desura username must be included in post for ne_zavarj to award it to you!) Winners will be chosen, June 10th, 2013.

Each Desura key not only unlocks access to NEO Scavenger at Desura, but can also be used to redeem a copy at bluebottlegames.com, using the Desura Connect feature.

Good luck to all entrants, and enjoy!

rahlzel - - 50 comments

We just... post our Desura account in that thread and we're picked randomly?

Forgive me for being a negative nancy, but, wouldn't it be better for people to compete for the keys by doing something useful for the game - Wiki content, YouTube video, topless parade, etc.?

Food for thought.

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dcfedor Author
dcfedor - - 370 comments

Yup, no strings attached! Although, it might be more mutually beneficial than you realize.

The free contest is actually pretty good publicity, not only for NEO Scavenger, but also GOG and Desura. It gets some new folks to think about the game and/or services who might not have considered it before, and gets them talking about it. And that increase in chatter often translates to a few extra sales.

That said, there may be other contests in the future more like what you're describing (e.g. fan art, stories, etc.). But don't underestimate the benefit of publicity!

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