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Things going on inside the forums, the team is going again. Check it out!

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I've restructured the forum, moved some things around, added a new board, etc.
The new forum is the "Entropy Engine" board. I call it this because Entropy's engine has no official name. The reason it is its own category is because there are way too many internal subforums in the Entropy section, so I wanted to separate it. That and Kaos had its own (which is still here for reference).

The reason I'm adding this new board is that I will be starting some work on some core elements of Entropy's engine. My goal is to have a basic game loop done by the end of the month and possibly even try and get some rendering in it. It will primarily be an organizational thing - getting all the input, rendering, networking, etc. together so that I have a single library that can be adapted to any platform. In the case of Linux, input will probably be handled by X. All platforms will use OpenGL, unless I choose to add an extra layer to break off software rendering (long story, don't know much about it).

Anyway, case and point: New forum means I'm starting to do stuff. Enjoy.



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