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It is with great pleasure that we officially announce Forgotten Sanctuary.

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Welcome Back to the World of Survival Horror.

So here it finally is: after working away in secret for months, it comes as a great relief to formally announce Forgotten Sanctuary - a traditional survival horror adventure game for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Forgotten Sanctuary is the work of a team with an enormous passion for the survival horror games of years gone by - Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, the original Resident Evil trilogy, to name but a few - who feel that such games still have a place in today's world.

While the genre is currently undergoing something of a resurgence with an enormous number of interesting horror titles on the horizon, there remain disappointingly few that evoke the feelings of the past in the way that Forgotten Sanctuary aims to.

Now don't get me wrong; evolution is of course natural, and applies equally to the realm of survival horror as it does all other aspects of life. Forgotten Sanctuary will, of course, feature evolutions of its own - an episodic structure, for instance. But at its core, Forgotten Sanctuary remains true to the survival horror classics of the past in a way that very few games are - and, as such, you can expect to be solving obscure puzzles, hiding from enemies, doing plenty of backtracking and managing a variety of bizarre inventory items when Episode 1 of the game releases this May.

Thanks for your interest in this project and please stay tuned for more information soon!

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