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Jon here, I'm one of the voice actors in End of The Fallacy and have asked the team to answer a few questions about themselves and the game. The Crimson Forge Games' team is fairly small but spread throughout the world, each with their own story to tell. We will be posting more of these, so please come back to view each of them and learn a little bit more about the group - and the game! So without further ado, The Forge Diaries: A Look Into Creating End of The Fallacy. Logo By Joseph Mercelino

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Hey Everybody! Ramon here, Director of the Crimson Forge! I'm in charge of keeping everything running smoothly for the game, I plan everything out and do the writing for the game. I also have to answer a lot of emails and skype calls as all of my team members are out of state! But I love every second of it and I love that the CFG team and I are working tirelessly to get this game out to you guys!

What is the End of the fallacy about?
End of the Fallacy is an RPG about a boy named Allister who gets transported into a familiar video game with his friends and try to solve the mystery as to why a game that Allister has played before is a little different than he remembers.

What inspired you to make the game?
That's an interesting question. If we are talking what game's inspired me to make this game, then I can say Chrono Trigger, Tales of Graces, Kingdom Hearts, and a few others. But if you want to know the reason I started this project, then that's a different story entirely. I started this project because I was trying to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and I had made crappy games in the past, and wanted to do something bigger. I was also tired of seeing Square­Enix, My favorite game dev at the time, fail time and time again trying to make new games that captured the essence of the JRPG. So I thought RPG Maker was a great way to make a game that captured the feeling of playing a game from the Golden age of RPG's, the Super Nintendo! And thus I started building a team and The two twins were born into this world! End of the Fallacy and the Crimson Forge!

What does End of the fallacy mean?
End of the Fallacy literally means No more Lies! I decided on this title to take a pokeat Square and the games that they were coming out with that just didn't have the FFfeel to them. So this name was born to be a spoof on Final Fantasy!

How long has the game been in production?
This game has just reached it's one year anniversary this month! (January) And it'sgone through a lot in those 12 months, changes to the Battle system, music, art,character designs, and the like. And probably many more before it is released!

What is Crimson Forge Games?
Crimson Forge Games is the name of our Dev team. It's a team of talented and drivenpeople that want nothing more than to see the game succeed. I have scouted out thebest of the best for the Crimson Forge, and it continues to grow as the months go by!We will continue to pound out the steel to bring you a game of incredible craftsmanship and utmost quality!

How many people are working on the game with you?
Wow, that's actually a tough question to answer, let me think for a second.1...2...3...4... 5... Ok, so not including me, there are 24 people working on this game,that includes voice actors. So there are quite a number of people working on theproject, and if you can't tell already, this is no small project. To those of you thatplayed the demo! That is but a small snippet of the game you will get in the final release!

What would you say is most important when developing a game like this?
The most important thing for developing a game? I'd say planning, especially if you are working with a team. You have to constantly think of new things to plan out and put in motion. You have to make sure everyone is busy, which is impossible to be honest (Sorry VA's). But all I can say to anyone interested in starting a project, don't do it alone! Trying to do a solo project is so difficult, I think the game will be better if you have a dedicated team backing you! I know I'm thankful to everyone in the CFG!

Do you ever feel limited by using RPG maker?
To be honest, I hardly ever feel limited using RPG Maker. This is mainly because I've used a lot of RM Programs before and I fully understand their limits. So, do I feel limited or constricted? No. Quite the contrary, with the brilliant scripters like VictorSant, Fomar, and Yanfly, I am constantly feeling surprised at what RPG Maker is capable of!

Why did you decide to use voice actors for this project?
I felt that Voice Actor were necessary for this project for one reason. To make this game stand out. I do like the old SNES RPG's but If I was gonna make one improvement on the formula of the SNES RPG, I would add in voice acting. I feel like good voice actors breathe life into the game and do wonders to immerse you in the world of the game.

Where can fans get updates from you and Crimson Forge Games?
Well, you can obviously get updates here, thanks to our new page manager Jon. He'll be posting more of these interviews here. You can also visit us on YouTube! I post up trailers, interviews, and vlogs there to inform you all of any upcoming EotF Events. And you can always drop by our facebook page. There isn't much on it now, but if I start getting more likes, I will post up there a lot more.

Can you say what you're working on at the moment?
Well, right now we are prepping a new piece of content to be released to you all. Ican't go into too much detail regarding what it is exactly. But it will be something people asked for. So look for that! We will hopefully announce it soon, so be sure to check back here or on youtube to look out for the update.

If possible, any details on when the game may be released?
The game's release? I can't say too much on that, but if I had my way, I'd like for it to be out in the winter of 2014 or the summer of 2015. We still have a ways to go in development. But it will all be worth it once it's released. So stick with us! This is Ramon Signing off! Come visit us at the Forge sometime!

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