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First of all forgive my grammar ^ ^ So yes, i'm a slow worker. I`ve been fooling around with a new custom story for quite a long time now. I`ve been creating levels, thinking of new ideas and such. It took me over 2 years to make Those Who Were Forgotten and i very much want to continue. However i decided that instead of working and implementing my ideas in isolation, i would rather ask those interested for feedback and critque over my ideas.

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One of the major ideas behind my new project are big and open for exploration maps.

The world im creating is quite open, consisting of multiple hubs and maps which interconnect with each other allowing for more open exploration. To balance this i`m adding certain mechanics and side quests to do, things and new areas to find. This ofc means a lot of running and back tracking which already was one of the things players crtiticized in TWWF.

It will be possible to fast travel beetwen certain areas to balance this issue.

One of the most important things for me is story. I focused a lot on story in TWWF and sacrificed some "fun" of gameplay.

That's why im focusing a lot on gameplay mechanics in this one.

I'm drawing inspiration from games like the evil within and silent hill 4 and forbidden siren. Because of that the player will have a safe place they can transport to and use it to fast travel.

If you are interested i would like to hear your opinions on what i said so far. I wanna hear what people who love amnesia want to see.

Ps: I have a big mean custom monster, and let me tell you...

She will creep you all out : p

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