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Fishing in CZ will be highly in depth and your experience will change depending on the areas and months.

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Today, I'll be discussing exactly how the fishing system in CZ will work. It's never easy to decide exactly how fishing should go in a video game, especially when you have so many options available.

I personally am a fan of the Animal Crossing games, and love the visual style of swimming fish in the ocean. This is something, I wanted to implement in to CZ in order to give it's waters more life.

Now, not only will you have NPC's walking around, but you will see fish of all types and sizes swimming around in the ocean. Now let's talk about how the mechanics work shall we?

Fish will generate in the waters randomly depending on their scarcity, area and time of month. The month thing was a nifty little idea I got from playing the Animal Crossing games, and since I was implementing a real time date system, I figured I would give it a go. It worked great!

Fishing bait can be changed easily and allows (depending on the fish), for a faster catch rate. Every fish has a different kind of bait that they like better than others, and this can present a real challenge. Small fish and other water creatures can even be captured and used as bait to catch larger fish! It's really cool.

In order to catch the fish, you must first equip a fishing pole in one of your two weapon slots. After doing so, simply click a fish (if not to far out of range) and toss the bait out. This is where things get cool.

After doing so, the fish will take a random amount of time to stalk the bait, and once they bite, you better click again as soon as possible or they will get away! Make sure not to click while the fish is stalking the bait or it will run. Once you snag the fish up, it's time to real it in!

Fishing meter!

A red bar will pop up to the right and you have to click as fast as you can to drain the fishes health. Once the fishes health hits 0, the fish will come flying out of the water and in to your inventory! If you don't do this fast enough however, the fish will get away and you will have wasted the bait. It's a real challenging system with great rewards.

Some fishing poles will also have the power pull feature that can be used once during the reeling sessions. Just right click once to drain a large amount of the fishes health before it gets away. This is in addition to every fishing pole having a different distance rate.

Not only will the captured fish be added to your encyclopedia of fish, but you can now display it in an aquarium or sell the fish for a good amount of money.

Also, on a side note, if you run to close to a fish swimming in water, it will run off. Keep that in mind before bolting after one. ;-)

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about the fishing system and I still have plenty more surprises for you guys coming soon! It won't be to long before I put up the first video and let you guys get a sneak peak of what's in store. Keep checking back for more stuff!

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Very nice !!!

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