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Transporters are used to transport your ressources between your colonies or to bring new colonists to a newly found asteroid to build an outpost

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This time, the first transporter vessel has arrived in the game!

It is much slower than a fighter and cannot move very quickly - but the main purpose of the transporter is .. well .. transportation!

First Transporter orbiting Asteroid Colony

It will transport ore from one asteroid to the other or will bring new colonists to newly found asteroids to found an outpost!

The transporter is used as a multi-purpose ship equipped with minimal life support and enough engine power to bring the ship up to travel speed.

But in the end, the transporter is still a very slow ship and expensive to build. You will need to built an orbital construction facility to be able to build transporters. So keep care on it - even consider sending it away, if you get engaged by the enemy.

Beside your own transporters - which are aimed to be flexible and easy to construct, there is also the Long-Range-Transporters of the Mining Company. Those ships are even bigger and are equipped with high performance engines to bring your resources back to the planets where the demand is high.

Stay tuned for upcoming features!

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