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Post news RSS Finishing the map editor and some sprites!

Finally close to finishing the map editor! Sprites for water attacks are now done thanks to a kind person.

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The editor is looking great, water attack sprites are complete and I have someone working on the HUD for the game! Changes this week are pretty much internal, so nothing new was added besides a fire attack. Development these 2 weeks were pretty slow due to school projects and exams, but Im now free from those XD! On with the update:

Block animations

I gotta say, I really liked the outcome of this. I was originally planning to add an animation for water/lava blocks, but then decided to experiment with the other types of entities. These are just for making your map look pretty xD.

What I plan on adding to lava/water blocks is the ability for water/fire types to walk on these tiles like in mystery dungeon. Other types of pokemon cant walk on these tiles, but their ranged attacks can still reach beyond the unreachable tiles. Water/Fire types can seek refuge here :D However staying too long in there would make you loose the experience you would have gained fighting next to your allies / money gained assisting. Not a very good tactic.

Map Editor

The map editor is now polished and ready to go! I wont release this tool until destiny is finished for obvious reasons xD Not very fun making maps If you cant play on them. The editor tends to run at a smooth 50-60 fps and can handle lots of entities at a time! The only downside right now is rendering water since its a little expensive. Gotta work on that later D; The maximum size hasnt been set yet, but it can hold up to 600 tiles at a time. The map shown above is only 20x20 tiles large and is considerably big, so I dont see why anyone would make a huge map of 600x600 XDD

Water attack sprites

A huge thanks to niveker7 for making these awesome sprites for the game! This would be the first user to get a shiny skin for the game. Give him a huge thanks! The sprites shown below will be tweaked in game to display a more fancy attack animation. These are just for demonstration.

------------AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE AND A REQUEST!!----------

I have a message for the current watchers/future watchers.
As you all know, Im the only one making this game. I do the music, programming and little art.
The problem here is the artwork. I lack the ability to create more spritesheets for the game, and I cannot seem to find them anywere on the web.

Do you want to help with the development of the game?
Feel free to comment! I´ll take anyone in consideration :D!!
Now, what would be your job? Here is what I currently need!

  • Sprites for grass attacks
  • Sprites for lightning attacks

If you need a list of the attacks, I will gladly send them to you.
Anyone that helps with the artwork, will get a special skin for their pokemon ingame :D!
Thanks to everyone in advance!

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