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Good news, Exanim Games is finally back and we're better than ever.

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Hello all of our wonderful followers. We are proud to announce that we are back and literally better than ever.

Exanim Games where'd you go?
We went on a journey to discover our talents. In the heat of our rooms we refined our skills and established what we can and can't do at this point. Before summer we had a dream to get a game up and running by the end of summer. As you can see we failed and for that we apologize to everyone. I'm sure you want to know the reason as to why we didn't deploy a game. The answer is: we realized that we sucked. If we had deployed a game after only 2 months of Unity training and 3 weeks of Blender you all would have seen it as an epic fail and so would we. So each member took a break and practiced what they needed to.

Exanim Games why are you coming back now?
After the summer ended we all came together to start working on our game and the worst possible thing happened. When we updated to Unity 4 our game files got completely destroyed. We had to start over from scratch. The good news is we're back because Quikshoot (soon to be renamed) is almost completed with alpha (more on that in another post).

Exanim Games what are your goals now?
You guys are asking some great questions! Our goals are as follows:

  • We will use this school year to constantly update Quikshoot so that by the end of the year (June 2014) Quikshoot will be on Google Play.
  • We really want to build a fan base. Exanim Games was created on the basis that games are fun and that gamers need to come together. We want our fans to help us as we try to deploy our first game. So we ask that you all help us over this next year so that our game can become a success.
  • Most importantly we just want to have fun and as we all know: the more the merrier.

Exanim Games where are you going from here?
Check back constantly and see because at this point; we don't even know!

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