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We've had various concepts for Synapse up until now: here's a look at the final concept image

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We've had some exciting developments this week, with both the final concept and logo for the game being completed. I'm very proud of these, as we now have a strong direction for the in-game art itself.

Frozen Synapse Logo Frozne Synapse: Final Concept Image

Ian has been working on the single player design, and we're really hoping that we can execute a decent campaign mode which will please both those interested in a narrative driven game, and those who just want a series of interesting gameplay-driven challenges. While I do want there to be a compelling narrative, as close to the one I came up with during pre-production, it's very important to me that there's nothing annoying and obtrusive. I get as bored by irritating cutscenes and dialogue trees as everyone else: we just have to make sure that the story can be told economically and lends weight to the action rather than detracting from it.

Next week, we'll be working more on single player, I'll hopefully be developing the game website a little further, and hopefully we'll be able to show some progress with the in-game art itself. I'm making progress with our PR list, and an official announcement of the game will happen as soon as I'm satisfied that we'll be able to get it out to enough places.

Please check out our podcast Visiting the Village as well - we released a new episode this week and it'd be great to get our ModDB followers joining in too. You can send us questions via my Twitter account - Twitter.com and we'll answer them on the show.

If you'd like to help us out (we appreciate it!) please digg the latest episode - Digg.com

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