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Nyrthos Alpha is coming! Last call for potential testers. As a side note - we're looking for people to help us in some ways. Read on!

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Hi everyone!

Let us thank to those of you who contacted us because of the current testing. In case you missed our last message, you can apply until tomorrow (july 29th) - just send an e-mail to contact@nyrthos.com that will be titled "final test".

Also, I'd like to ask you guys for some help. In case you want to take part in the development, read on!

As you may have noticed, we're not exactly experts in english, and our language and story would really benefit from some more polishing. If you think that you can do a good job in this regard, please send a message titled "PROOFREADING" to contact@nyrthos.com.

We've heard from a few guys that they would be interested in helping us out in this regard, and received a couple of cool ideas. That's why I decided to finally give it a shot.
I'm looking for people that would be willing to devote a part of their time into cooperating with me while I continue to flesh out the story of Nyrthos. I won't go into details here (and I have no idea if it would work out), but there's only one way to find out.
Again, in case it sounds interesting to you, drop me an e-mail titled "STORY" to contact@nyrthos.com.

We know that sound effects are currently one of the weakest points of Nyrthos. And where else to ask? In case you want to help us out, we would really appreciate it. Send an e-mail titled "SOUND" to contact@nyrthos.com in case you'd be willing to help!

I'm eager to hear from you guys.. see you in Nyrthos!

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