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TritonForge has had many additions such as shader capability and human generation.

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Visually, the game has conquered new ground, as Shaders are now useable and I have begun to experiment with them.

At the moment, Gaussian blurs, underwater effects and motion blurring are the ones in use but more will be added potentially for storm effects, biome changes or bosses!

The underwater shader can be seen above. Open water and contained water vary slightly in appearance.

Humans are now randomly generated as well, even if thy don't have a real use yet. They will sell you items, offer quests and give you tips.

A few select humans will have their own houses and spawn with the same look on every save. These people will be recognizable and play an active part in the story line's development.

Various points of interest are being conceptualized

There will be various "landmarks" in the game that will be accessible through portals that will have independent locations. These places will have game events, special items and bosses as well.

A floating island with a tower can be seen off in the distance.

There will be various small POIs each with their own maps along with separate "dimensions" that could almost be as big as the over-world! (Depending on chosen world size)

TritonForge 0.3.2 is planned to be submitted to Steam Greenlight sometime in September, so heavy development will continue in the following weeks.

With my life outside of indie development, working consistently on this has been a challenge, but I believe that there will be something for people to play and enjoy put out by the end of September.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. Be sure to track this game if you are curious and/or check out my YouTube channel if you would like to see more footage.



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