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We have a content patch going live tonight with our first crafting job available, player shops, multiple quests, and our initial testing of Steam integration

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Introduced Alchemy crafting system into the game, you can now craft potions instead of just purchasing them.

  • Players will encounter 9 different flowers around the world that they can gather. If you are a lower level then that plant then you will only gather broken pieces (10 Pieces can be combined to make that plant). There are additional plants through level 100 but only 1-40 are available right now as that is the current level cap.
    • Dandelion - Level 1
    • Pansy - Level 11
    • Celandine - Level 26
    • Ginseng - Level 40
  • Once players gather plants they will need Coal in order to break down the plants into Basic types of potions for that level. 10 of these can also be combined to make the next tier (I.E 10 Basic Potions > 1 Basic Serum). The naming schemes will continue to follow the potions at later levels.
    • Basic Potions - Level 1
    • Basic Serum - Level 11
    • Basic Infusion - Level 26
    • Basic Infusion - Level 40
  • After players have a basic type they are then able to chose what type of potion that they want to make. All the basic types are combined with a monster drop to produce the end potion. These drop from all monsters in the over world and naming types are based on level (I.E Skin for Potions - Level 1, Eyes for Infusions - Level 40)
    • Skin - Health
    • Blood - Regeneration
    • Foot - Armor
    • Dust - Strength
    • Eyes - Luck
  • The Burst Potions will be available for players to learn through quests, and will require more ingredients to craft in a later patch.

Player Shops:

With this patch we also added the ability for players to run their own shops and sell items. We think this is a good alternative to having a non-social auction house where players would never interact with others. We have also discussed adding a way to list what you are selling in a window for players to see.

  • Players can list up to X items
  • Ability to change prices on items that are sold


  • Changed the Help Me Brew quest so that you must gather ingredients and then craft the potions for the Shop Keeper
  • Added in multiple quests such


  • Add the base system for us to be able to have multiple public events on servers
  • Events will be added in a later patch


  • Integrated separate Login, and Game Servers which allows us to have more then one server up and roll them out as needed.
  • Reduced the movement speed of Zombies, but increased their overall damage.
  • Integrated Steam SDK client
  • Fixed explosive objects to properly cause nearby other explosive objects to go boom
  • Fixed an issue with the Troll boss correctly spawning an exit portal
  • Added in Improved Crates that will enable a player to get a random Improved item from it
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