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4 Features of the Golden Earth mod.

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There are people who think that this is another necromod. I work on a mod every day and will do everything to make it a masterpiece. Therefore, I want to tell you about the features of my mod.


Let's start with a simple one, in each city you cannot buy all the armor that is in the mod, each faction 
will have its own weapons and armor, that is, if you go to the skrelings (Indians), then you will not find the 
armor and weapons of the Vikings, only their armor and weapons. And yes, only the Vikings will have horses.

Well, next: now you can see how many peasants are in the village and which faction they belong to.файл 2

Move on! A mini-quest will be in fashion, which will be associated with the Indians.

Well for dessert! There will be at least four locations in fashion where you can find something or someone ... Or nothing.

Well that's all, write your comments, subscribe to the YouTube channel for a video coming soon, and head over to Discord to find out in advance. Goodbye!

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