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We wanted to make a quick status update for the game as well as give a short list of some of the features we hope the finished game will contain

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Finally a status update after such a long time! we have finally reached an alpha stage where the game is actually playable with teams, rules and basic game logic implemented.

There is still a lot of polish to be made, some advanced techniques to be implemented and lots and lots of content to be created.

We have also finished our in-house tools for creating abilities and particle effects.

A sample of the features we have planned:

- A large variety of magical abilities using a wide range of scriptable behavior
- Better animation with ragdoll effects using Bullet physics.
- Network play for up to 12 simultaneous players in teams of 6 players each
- Large open maps with different nature themes
- Advanced water effects using compute shader techniques.
- Cascading shadows
- Post-processing graphics for advanced graphical effects
- GUI-system implemented in html using Awesomium

A lot of these features and more are already implemented. Hopefully we will have some more screenshots and ingame videos up on the site later this week so please look forward to that!

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