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FCP2 contains many improvements and new content for Savage 2. Listed here are some of the highlights of FCP2.

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New Unit - Maliken

Maliken is a brand new special unit in Savage 2. Like Hell bourne units, Maliken is available to both the Human and Beast races. Unlike Hellbourne units, Maliken is not obtained at a Hellshrine. Playing the Maliken unit requires that several enduring items be purchased. The Brain of Maliken, Heart of Maliken, and Lungs of Maliken are all useful enduring items that must be purchased. The Soul of Maliken is the final item required, and allows a user, in addition to 10 souls, to transform into the powerful Maliken unit.

Also new to the unit are melee modes. You can switch from one melee mode to the other, allowing you to affect the battle in several different ways.

New Unit - Hunter

Mostly nocturnal creatures, the Hunter is most at home when stalking his prey on the battlefield. These bat like creatures use speed to their advantage on the battlefield. The Hunters abilities include Glide Strike, Wing Spin, Frenzy, Venomous, Sleep, and Bat Eyes.

Glide Strike stands out as one of the Hunters most unique abilities, alloying the hunter to engage in limited flight, zooming ahead and damaging enemies in his path.

Three New Maps

Three original maps have been added, each with their own exciting new play style. The new maps include Hidden Village, Desolation, and Ancient Cities.
Hidden Village


Ancient Cities


The automated tournament system facilitates tournaments to be played by Savage 2 clans. It is fully integrated with the game as well as the clan system. Both official S2 Games tournaments as well as player created tournaments will be available!

Enduring Items

Enduring items are a new item type added to compliment the current options of purchasable and persistent items. Like purchasable items, enduring items are purchased with personal gold during a match. However, unlike regular purchasable items, they are not lost upon death. Once you purchase an enduring item, it will remain in your backpack until the end of the match.

New Dodge Mechanics

The new dodge abilities have been created to add a completely new dynamic to the Savage 2 melee system. You can now dodge to the left, right, or backwards.




Change Log: Version 1.5.0
- Fixed an issue causing melee attacks with certain units to miss on very rare occasions at certain distances
- Fixed a bug with siege aiming behind them if a blocker is behind the unit
- The Sleep animation now properly ends when the player ends Sleep early
- Fixed taunts, they are now visible by all players
- Fixed the "morning" crash
- Fixed an issue causing D3DDRIVER_INTERNALERRORs and crashes in certain situations
- Fixed an issue causing a loss of textures in the map editor
- Characters will no longer turn with the camera when immobile (such as with Hunter's Sleep)
- Linux Version: Improve updater/uninstaller interaction
- OpenGL Renderer: Fix a number of issues when run on an ATI video card

- Added some new "anti-hack" features
- Reduced overall RAM use
- Added some optimizations to the renderer
- Losing a prerequisite after purchasing a consumable item will no longer disable that item
- Prerequisites for items now display in the loadout screen
- Pressing "Y" while in-game will display an overlay that allows you to view your skills
- The player backpack now shows up on the death screen
- All spells/skill will now display as red when they are in cool down
- The item store is now sorted more appropriately
- Spawn portals now have 120s lifetime and 75s cooldown
- All cooldowns are now global, switching units will not cause them to finish
- Kill streak notifications
- Dodge system now in place. Double tap A,S, or D to perform a dodge in that direction.
- Shaman and chaplain have had their main healing spells reduced to 6 seconds cool down, slight mana cost reduction
- Slight armor decrease on chaplain and shaman
- Gold and EXP for healing lowered
- Three new maps, Ancient Cities, Desolation, and Hidden Village
- A tips system has been added to the loading screens and death screen

- Added a number of new Enduring items, these items will persist through death and unit changes:
Gust of Wind: You are immune to ranged damage while charging and dodging, and you can charge slightly further.
Power Absorption: Automatically dispels one negative effect per minute and restores some mana when doing so.
Shield of Wisdom: On use, it drains all remaining mana and prevents mana regeneration. In exchange, it shields you for damage based on the amount of mana drained for up to 30 seconds.
Trinket of Restoration: Heals all nearby allies and increases their armor for a short period. If a second trinket is used, it will not heal nearby allies if they still have the armor buff.
Savior's Valor: Can be used to cast recall on yourself (with a cool down on damage) - Will cancel if taking damage while recall is in progress.
Token of Life: May be used after death to revive yourself.
- Ammo pack/ammo sachel and mana stone/mana crystal are now flagged as enduring items and will not be dropped on death

- New unit: Maliken. Maliken is obtained by the following steps.
1. Purchase a Brain of Maliken, Lungs of Maliken, and Heart of Maliken
2. Purchase the Soul of Maliken
3. Activate Soul of Maliken, at the cost of 10 souls. You will then transform into Maliken on the field at any location.
- Note that many of maliken's skills are blade modes. They are not a one time cast but rather a passive effect that does not turn off until the skill is manually cancelled or another blade mode is activated.
- Maliken's skills are:
1. Blade of Damnation. This sword is unblockable in melee combat. Instead of an interrupt move, maliken throws his sword. Interrupt or right click a second time to teleport to it. The block button is a defensive maneuver that will knock back enemies around maliken.
2. Blade of Flames - applies a fire damage over time to a target. This effect stacks with each melee hit
3. Blade of Lightning - applies a lightning effect to maliken's sword. Each successful melee hit will result in a lightning bolt that bounces around between maliken's enemies, decreasing in damage with each bounce.
4. Blade of Wind - Each melee attack stirs up a gust of wind, protecting maliken from ranged attacks.
5. Blade of Demonic Healing - each successful melee hit will heal maliken's nearby allies for an amount based off the damage caused.
6. Blade Frenzy - Maliken goes into a blade frenzy. This is an area of effect attack that lasts a short while and has different effects based on which of the above blade modes are active
- Maliken's spawn event spawns him with very high armor for 30 seconds, and he gets the benefit of maliken items when receiving souls.
- He can be buffed, debuffed and healed. However, he cannot be resurrected or recalled, and Riposte has no effect on him. He is also unstunnable.

- New unit: Hunter. This unit replaces the Summoner. His skills are:
2. Glide - This skill shoots the hunter forward in a line, damaging any in his path. This ability costs stamina instead of mana and will apply the Frenzy and Venomous effect.
3. Wing Spin - This skill damages and knocks back all nearby enemies.
4. Frenzy - Similar to Maliken's blade modes, this applies a passive effect to all melee attacks that leeches stamina from enemy players.
5. Venomous - This is a passive effect that applies a poison debuff to all melee attacks. Only one of Venomous and Frenzy can be active at a time.
6. Sleep - Puts the Hunter to sleep for a short duration, making him immune to ranged damage and regenerating life at a rapid rate.
7. Sentry - Places a sentry bat to act as a scout at the target location for a limited time.

- Added "SkillCategory", "SkillCategoryCooldown", "SpellCategory" and "SpellCategoryCooldown" settings to all skills and spells
- If a unit uses a skill/spell and another one of their skills/spells matches it's category, it will be put into cooldown for CategoryCooldown milliseconds
- Added "GetPrereqDetails();" UI_CMD that will return a human-friendly prerequisite string.
- Prerequisites can now use an "or" operator. For example, consumable_tokenoflife_prerequisite "building_monastery or building_sanctuary"

SadGamer - - 28 comments

Well i always wondered why there was a radio messega that says maliken rules.

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Terminal58 - - 276 comments

Awww I wish I could play! I'm on my lappy for 3 weeks!

Maybe FCP 3 will be ready by then lol. Really hoping for some new game type to drag players in.

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