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A new forum is open for Fatal Theory here on Desura

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Hey all,
Not sure if anyone would dig this, but there is now a forum for Fatal Theory here on Desura. I'll try keep busy on it, so if you have questions, suggestions or want to raise bugs or issues, just hit the forum. Or just general chit chat? I'll try post whats going to be available in patch releases and mention specials/deals in there before anywhere else. We're cool, we grew up with some pretty sweet games and would love to talk about them too. As soon as this post is over, I'm going to bring up Gunstar Heroes in there haha.

You can find it on the top tab of where your read this haha. On the right of 'Images'. Oh and also if you do go on there you can edit your Fatal Forum profile by going to the bottom and finding profile or something. At the moment there is a status tag called 'Zombie' you can append to your profile if you like lol. Suggest more we should use, I have no idea what people would want.


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