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I think we can safely say that the explosions are working fine...

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With just a little over a week left on my deadline (I'm aiming to enter Indiecade, hence the release date!) I've been putting the finishing touches to most of the effects. All the level info is down on paper so just needs a good day to punt it all in. Ok, a good day where I'm going to be willing to be really bored. Either way, it's going to have to happen soon.

Happy enough with the explosions, it has to be said. Although for those a little put off by the incredibly vibrant nature of them, I've included a switch to turn the things down to something a little more sedate.

So far, going well. I'm sure panic will kick in by the weekend.

Oh yeah, in case I didn't mention it - the game is rather obviously free to download, free to keep and free to play. That's sort of the whole point of it.

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