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Control enhancements, custom ship options, and physics improvements highlight the latest update for Evochron Legends.

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Control enhancements, custom ship options, and physics improvements highlight the latest update for Evochron Legends.

The installer provides the entire game and also works as a patch to update older versions. This update adds the following (including improvements since version 1.128):

  • Players can now deliver cargo from only one bay to a transport for delivery contracts.
  • Custom ship frames can now have a dedicated texture applied separate from the global texture set.
  • Control axis invert options are now device bound and not just axis bound for improved multiple device support.
  • Auto-kicking system updated for certain in-game actions that could, on rare occasion, cause a player to be dropped.
  • Improved support for swapping pilot profiles between in-game and main menu.
  • Additional notifications and event information for the server program.
  • Physics system updated to better manage high speed limits.
  • Control-V paste from clipboard option added to pilot callsign entry screen.
  • Updated character check for pilot callsign entry screen to prevent error 7 message when using invalid characters.
  • Custom menu music option now available in main menu (without having to manually enable in the Options menu).
  • Improved internet IP address retrieval for hosting multiplayer sessions (now automatically enters value).
  • AI ship cargo inventory system updated for more accurate quantities/capacities and item sorting.
  • Console access now faster on systems with lower framerates.
  • Option for custom atmosphere shield objects added.
  • Option to consolidate commodity cargo added.
  • Additional integrity protection systems.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

To deliver cargo from only one bay to a waiting transport, simply click on the cargo bay you want once in range.

The new custom texture options are 'frameX.jpg' for the base frame texture and 'framecomponentX.jpg' for the component texture (which is optional, if none is specified, then the default texture will be used for components). These custom texture options are visible using the external 3rd person view modes.

To consolidate commodity cargo, dock at a station or city and use the ALT key with either the left or right mouse button. Left click to combine matching commodities up to the limit of 25 per cargo bay. Right click to transfer one unit at a time.

The updated server program and customizing kit are also available for download here: Starwraith3dgames.home.att.net

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Anyone played this yet? good game?

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