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Escape to Earth follows the adventure of a small robot who works in a prison complex on the moon. This robot works in the canteen, diligently serving the prisoners their food until he is damaged during a prison riot and left for scrap. When the robot reactivates, it is in the recycling center awaiting destruction. Another robot called GERTA is also destined for recycling and together they form a plan to escape from the Moon and return to Earth.

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To escape from the moon the pair will need to solve puzzles and overcome the guards and navigate their way through the prison complex avoiding the rioting prisoners as well as rogue, damaged robots.

On their way the robots will discover new upgrades and skills, ranging from the ability to hack a terminal and plant a virus, up to a human-like synthetic robotic body that will enable the robot to become indistinguishable from a human.

Will they make it to the Stellar Station and ,eventually Earth?

The game is set in a massive 2D open world complex upon the surface of the moon. The player will be able to progress through the various areas of the complex – visiting such places as hydroponics, the med-lab, the recycling centre, various mines and the areas housing the rioting prisoners. The player will also be able to travel across the surface of the moon, finding hidden locations, new areas and discovering the sinister history of the prison complex. Upgrades discovered will allow the player to access new areas, and revisit old areas to unlock new upgrades and better weapons or armour.

The game play will consist of the player moving from room to room, solving various types of puzzles from simple door puzzles through to complex puzzles involving combinations of different upgrades and skills to progress. Need to open the green door? Find the green keycard and use it in the green key-slot to open the door. Can't get to the green keypad? Hack a terminal and cause the robot blocking your route to overheat and shut down long enough for you to get by and go through the door. Need to get past a security bot? Blow it away with your lazer pistol. There will be various different methods of getting through each area, and direct violence may not be the best way – after all, the security bots and guards are attempting to suppress a riot and are likely to respond with extreme prejudice to any threats.

The game is in very early alpha concept stage, although the majority of the features and story are sketched out. Release date is to be confirmed closer to the completion of the project.

As with all projects of this type, constructive criticism is actively encouraged!

As this is a solo project and I'm still learning all kinds of new things, I'll be attempting to keep you up to date with information and developments as they progress.


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