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17.08.2009 The new and updated Eradication Wars is back. Now with an overhauled interface and lots of polishing and a couple new guns have cleaned up the mod from useless clutter. Get ready to launch into a warzone with the most ultimate mecha experience for the freeware game Soldat! Be sure to read the ReadMe file for instruction on installation!

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After a rather long break from Soldat, I decided to update my mod and refresh things a bit. After a couple days, I finished the new, better version of my mod, Eradication Wars 7.

ERA 7 Collage

This is the 7th version of my mod and it has come a long way since when I started.

Ingame screenshot. Weapon menu and interface.

The newest version features an overhauled and much more cleaner interface and some new weapons. I also removed some random clutter the mod had and cleaned it up overall to make it work more smoothly. I use this mod myself always when I play Soldat and I enjoy it a lot. I hope you will too. Have fun!

Bonus kits.

golf888 - - 87 comments

Look great for soldat mod!

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Larkuo - - 122 comments

sweet go numgun good to see this finally got a update! some of use miss you at the Data Realms Fan Forum :( but I hope you continue to mod CC! any back to this after playing with some of your build 13 mods I decided to look at your site and I found this mod and feel i love with it glade to see it back and up to speed :)

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