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Chapter 3, after some struggle and hassle, is released.

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If this is your first time, instructions can be found here: Youtube.com

This chapter, while not as bad as the previous one, did come with its own challenges. As I said before, I had to cut short some assets, particularly the event slides. I had to resort to recycling assets so the events in this chapter are on the underwhelming side. I tried to come up with something for the first event but the second event, I just gave up on it. Top it off, there are only 2 events for this chapter, making it quite short.

So pretty much, this chapter ends up as filler.

I only did so to get a bit of a break but the next chapter, I'm going to go back to drawing original slides for the events, and thankfully (for me) it won't feature any persons other than Leuchten so that should make it easier to work with. However, there are still going to be 2 events because I couldn't figure out how to pad out 3 events for chapter 4, but I'm going to separate the events so that at least it will last a while, somehow.

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