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Many things were added since the last update, like custom animations, item repair, multi-functional items, dynamic interactions and jumping.

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Alright, it took some more time than expected to update the script system. During the process many new requirements and some design flaws popped up, but I tried to address them while I was digging up the engine core anyways. Eventually the whole thing became stable again and I'm now updating the contents while adding new features at the same time.

Here's a list of what's new:

  • Jumping! *boing boing boing* (intended for enemies but players can jump, too)
  • Repair and recycle items
  • Distant use (character automatically walks to target before usage)
  • Dynamic script interactions (see latest screenshots)
  • Multi-functional items (eg. use tools as weapons if appropriate)
  • Pre-defined areas for NPC patrols or script interaction points
  • Custom actor animations (implemented the Secret of Mana Rabite for testing)
  • Editor stuff to make life easier :-)

More features are waiting on my todo list... Oh and I promised to implement at least basic keyboard support (like WASD to walk around) for all you keyboard lovers.

In other news I'm currently distracted by RL but Endyr will definitely be open to the alpha testers again soon. If you want to become a tester you can still sign up at the website. You may follow the development process closely by checking the changelog as well as the Endyr screenshots gallery on a weekly basis.


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