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Post news RSS Elteria Adventures Open Playtest is live!

The long-awaited and (literally) game-changing Open Playtest is finally here, for both new and returning players to enjoy!

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Explore the cubified world of Elteria — a fantastic realm of skybound islands full of dangers and valuable resources! Destroy anything in your way, be it the monsters, trees and rocks, or even landscapes until there is absolutely nothing left! Build a house, a massive homebase or an entire island of your dreams using the game’s robust building mechanics! Invite your friends over for a party at your very own private archipelago, or band together to raid a hazardous biome for precious resources! Claim your own corner of Elteria, and make it your home!

Join the Open Playtest by clicking the [Request Access] button on the game’s Steam Shop page — and you’ll be automatically granted access to the game!

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