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Dwelvers is a sandbox strategy game inspired by Dungeon Keeper and The Settlers where the player takes control of a vast evil empire. This newsletter contains: New trailer video, surface world introduced, new imps, message system introduced, new minimap, tutorials introduced, new creatures. A lot of new updates with other words :)

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Dwelvers is Reaching New Heights

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c

Trailer video

We have a new trailer video uploaded that sums up the game mechanics in Dwelvers.

The Surface World

A surface world have been introduced to the game, now you have the possibility to go up and take revenge on those pesky humans that have terrorised you for so long.

The Surface world

New Imps

Yes, the old imp have been replaced with this new one made by our 3D artist CobraMode, I have gotten a lot of complaints about the previous imps not holding the same quality as the rest of the creatures (maybe it was because it was me that modelled him Tongue) , so we have decided to make a new imp that is even cuter Smile

New Imps

Message System and Minimap

Now the player will be notified when a battle has broken out in the dungeon, or when a brewery is not getting their antroots delivered. This is so that the player can keep full control over the dungeon without having to double check everything all the time. As also seen here in the screenshot the player now have a minimap in the top right corner of the screen so that he can navigate more easily.

Orcs training

Tutorial Introduced

Well, I got tired of people not playing the game exactly as I wanted them to, therefore I added a tutorial to the game to get them on the right track Wink As seen here the tutorial is directly interacting with the player, giving him a description on what he should do next and where he should do it by having flashing icons and tiles.

The Rough

This little guy is a manipulating, careless little creature that can do more harm than good to your dungeon. With his deceiving ways he will trick other creatures in your dungeon and be the cause for internal fighting. But there is an upside with this creature, he is cheap to produce and very efficient when fighting in large numbers.

The Piggeh

I would say that this creature is a mix between a pig and a... hmmm.. well not sure. Our 3D artist went berserk and created this creature out of the blue, and we just loved him Big Grin But the fact still remains that we need to give him a place to live in the dungeon, maybe you guys and gals could help us out here Smile

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c


awesome game! thanks!

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You guys are working like the clappers! Great work!

Piggeh would make a cool boss if your planing on having those or rare creatures to battle.

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RasmusLjunggren Author

That is a good idea, he have some ideas on giving him a chefs hat and a meat cleaver. Makes me think of the butcher in Diablo 1 :P

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