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Got the dungeon generation and AI working like a charm!

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Alright! So finally, I've released a small demo... Please realize this isn't a real demo demo... More of just a tech demo. Just to show everyone where I'm currently at.

It's not ridiculously fun, -yet-, but you're able to walk around and kill some enemies, steal their stuff and wear it. Which I mean, is good times in itself.

Right now there is two basic AI types, neutral and aggressive.

Blue Gels and Duergars are both aggressive, so they'll run at you the second they see you. (Hopefully!)

Red Gels and B.O.B.s are neutral, so they won't attack you unless you attack them.

So! Without further adieu... The controls! For I would be a cruel man to make you figure it out on your own.

i = inventory, press this to see all your goodies.
e = equipment, in this menu you can look at everything you're wearing, and take off what you don't like.
g = get, this is how you grab things on the ground.

arrow keys & numpad = movement! Including diagonals if you use the numpad. They also let you navigate through both the inventory and equipment screens (Throwing is not implemented yet.)

enter = How you select your items inside the inventory and equipment screens.

F1 = Turns on and off the lighting. The reason I have it off by default right now is so that I could easily see how the AI moves, and because I need to optimize the lighting quite a bit, as you'll notice you can see enemies through the shaded parts, and it also slows the game down a bit (You won't be able to tell.)

Also, you cannot die, this is intentional as it would make it quite annoying to test things if you were able to at this point!
(I also know sometimes you may get stuck when starting, just close and reopen the game. I'll be fixing that soon.)

I think that's everything that anyone would need to know. Again as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

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