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Hey guys this is a demo of my game called drop blast and i would love it if some of you guys can download and try out my game and give me some feed back ;)

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Drop Blast is an Arcade RPG brick breaker game which you use a pad along with a ball to destroy blocks. Drop Blast offers a twist that offers altering game play choices as you progress throughout the worlds, unlocking new passives to wreak more havoc in fun ways!


  • Obstacles: Levels throughout Drop Blast will be generated to amp up the difficulty for each map such as the moving platforms that will collide with your ball, or having to maneuver the ball to hit a switch before you can continue destroying the blocks!

  • 5 Worlds: Each world has a unique 20 levels with their own background settings. Levels through the 5 different sector's all come with different challenges and unique obstacles!

  • Level Up!: While progressing via each level, you will be collecting experience to gain access to high tier abilities that will aid you in your conquest.

  • Skill Tree: Gain talents that will alter the game play once unlocked, such as raining fire balls, or maybe using the powerful splash damage with critical hit to make additional balls on the screen! There's many different upgrades, some locked until certain achievements have been completed.

  • Freedom Pad: Unlike other titles for brick breakers, Drop Blast allows the user to utilize the positioning of where you get to move the pad without any restrictions, as you will need it.

  • Game Modes:

  • Classic Mode: Travel to 5 different worlds, each having their own unique 20 levels bringing classic mode to have 100 playable maps!

  • Action Mode: Unlocks once you've completed the game, you can then test your might with 6 different mini games to alter the game play experience off the bat for instance-

  • Speed Ball Game Mode: Makes your ball under a constant effect of 2x movement speed throughout your playing session.

  • Don't Drop The Balls: Quick reflexes required as you the player will have to keep two balls alive at all costs throughout your playing session.

  • Survival Mode: There's two unique game modes that are unlocked after completion of Classic Mode that features a brick breaker Survival Tetris. As well as an Endless Mode for those wanting to see how long they can go for.. until they perish. This game has unique and unlock-able achievements.

                                                                    playable demo


                                                                     screen shots

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