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Check out Doosloo's video review of our demo. Read the article to find the video.

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Hey All,
The other morning we woke up to some awesome news. Someone in wide world of the internet, going by the name of Doosloo on their Youtube channel(Youtube.com) had decided to do a play through video review of our current demo and were emailing us to watch it before the rest of the world.

To say the least, we were damn excited and then after watching the video, well over the moon. The video plays through the entirety of the story mode that was available in our third demo. The playing and reactions of the game are genuine and the voice acting in this video is awesome in so many ways.

Anyway, check it out! Youtube.com

To watch this video, we had a very clear view of how a player will first take our game. We learnt a lot and the suggestions and feedback will be factored into the next rendition of the game. to be honest, we love any feedback and anything we can do to make this game exactly what people want it to be, we want to hear it, good or bad.

Thanks again for Doosloo for making this sweet video. Also for anyone out there looking for this demo, hit up our download link: Indiedb.com


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