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A preview of the music from the upcoming update for Doom: Fall of Mars.

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After my short much needed hiatus I bring you a small update in what will hopefully be the start of a string of new updates if everything goes as planned, or at least something close to what is planned.

One of the major updates in the upcoming release of Doom: Fall of Mars includes a much needed touch of music. I've recruited a very inexpensive talented, and committed musician by the name of DeimosComaBlack who has taken time out of his usual routine of making reduxes of Doom music, to generously make reduxes of Doom music.

Here are a few examples of what will be in game-

Z8.invisionfree.com <- FORUM
Doom: Fall of Mars@Ifsoftware

medve - - 1,475 comments

omgggggggggggggggggggggggggg i love these. keep em comin!

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ZiZaNie - - 105 comments

You made a mistake on soundtrack 2, it's of not or.
Between, These soundtracks are very cool.

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Emil_4444 - - 465 comments

This is so cool ! They sound so awesome! dude great !

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lcpuche - - 236 comments

#3 is the doom2 secret nazi level! :D

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sbnewsom - - 656 comments

Must download them! Must! My make them Zune/iPod playable! >_<

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RedHeadPika - - 8 comments

These sounds great! Hah, last time I played I just had a bunch of my doom music on, so it'll be sweet to have some new remixes to hear from the game itself, keep up the good work!

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LightwaveGames - - 154 comments

The update that never came... -_-

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