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Disneyland has a dark truth that resulted in the deaths of millions of people

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Disney the happiest place on earth. Or you think it is the truth is Disney used government funds to build. If that is not enough wait till you here the rest Disney land had many connections with mafia and Walt Disney was a huge drinker. Oddly enough this was not the first Disney land built the first was covered up very well the reason is on the first week several people died reasons unknown the grounds were thought to be unsafe. Years later when Disney became a film company Disney real eased their first princess movie Cinderella well that's not true at all! Their first princess was Mary Blu in the movie she was caught in a love triangle between to boys one a prince one a peasant she asks the boys to prove themselves by fighting to their death then the movie became very bloody after the peasant killed the prince at the end of the movie a grotesque face appeared on the screen not much is known about this film

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