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We have released the 1.029 patch for Din's Curse. Since the last official patch, the patch improves networking, optimizes a bunch of things, fixes a few memory leaks, and fixes a bunch of other small issues.

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We have released the 1.029 patch for Din's Curse. Since the last official patch, the patch improves networking, optimizes a bunch of things, fixes a few memory leaks, and fixes a bunch of other small issues.

Here's all of the changes for patch 1.025 through 1.029.

Drox Operative


  • now handle dropping fragments of connect, connect response, and first server data much better
  • now save fragments instead of dropping out of order fragments
  • increased receive and send udp buffers from default to 100,000
  • increased max fragment start offset from 16 to 24 bits
  • no longer send client data before getting first server data
  • now limit first few frames data rate from server a little less (5000 instead of 2000)
  • now should handle packets that end exactly on the fragments size boundary better
  • added n_printMessageNames for debugging network stuff
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 28


  • fixed an infinite loop in some projectile skill stuff (Arkblade)
  • optimized local networking stuff some (5-33% speed up in tests)
  • changed from critical sections to recursive mutexes on mac (10-20% speed up in tests)
  • fixed a memory leak in Database::createDatabaseEntry
  • fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in ClientData::updateEntitiesToDelete
  • fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in Item::build
  • fixed hunter killed dialog
  • added ui_eventTextAlpha so that event text can be made more translucent (only available from console)
  • added Greenlight button for Drox
  • updated Inno installer (will hopefully fix some minor Win7 annoyances)


  • fixed a bug with network floating point compression with negative numbers (this is one of those how does anything work bugs)
  • capped max sounds to 64 on Macs
  • changed bindTexture to not change anything if already bound to that texture (DC)
  • now save monster rarity better (Bluddy)
  • fixed strongest monster defeated not working well after level 10 or so (Robrob)
  • fixed a collision issue in town7 (spacehog)
  • now achievements tell you how far you have gotten (SaturnGirl/Bluddy)
  • boss, unique, and legend Scarabus will no longer use their suicide attack (SaturnGirl)
  • game will now save while paused, but only once per pause (Manumitted)
  • ported status effect MustHavePower stuff back from Drox (Bluddy)
  • water will now turn to ice if hit by cold damage (Bluddy)
  • monsters that can't move are no longer affected by morale (Valgor)
  • can no longer donate to dead npcs (Caal)
  • monster heal, self fear, and ego weapons with friends are now marked as cursed (Manumitted)
  • should no longer banish people that are dead or already banished (DeathKnight1728)
  • added Demon War demons to ego weapon modifier that deals extra damage to demons (Valgor)
  • changed mana magic modifier from "of Force" to "of Excess" to fix a name duplicate (Manumitted)
  • changed "of Illuminati" to "of the Illuminati" (Manumitted)
  • renamed unique plate mail shoulder from Frostbite to Frost to fix a duplicate name (Manumitted)
  • changed vitality magic modifier from "of Stamina" to "of Endurance" to fix a duplicate name (Manumitted)


  • achievements are now permanent, immediate, and tell you when you have achieved them (DemonWar)


  • fixed raider quest (DemonWar)
  • fixed leech spelling
  • fixed a problem where npcs weren't failing as many quests as they should when upset (Bluddy)
  • fixed Krall workers missing their type-specific enhancements (Bluddy) (DemonWar)
  • fixed scree not spawning correctly (Bluddy)
  • fixed a rounding error in World::getLevelFromMonsterLevel
  • added minMoneyBase and maxMoneyBase to systems.gdb (Bluddy)
  • fixed typos in both stash help topics
  • fixed a bunch of faction issues (desophos)
  • centered chat menu a little better
  • fixed a rare sound related crash
  • fixed game not handling new zone data from master server correctly
  • fixed a sound parsing error that can cause a crash
  • fixed a typo in manual
  • now always send auto attack target across network (should fix blinking selected entity UI) (Bluddy)
  • decreased NpcStartingMoneyDebtChance from 0.25 to 0.0625 (should have much less people starving)
  • decreased SemiHardcorePenalty from 5 to 4
  • dark elf ice storm now correctly marked as a spell (Bluddy)
  • fixed Ragnar alert skill notifying the correct faction (Bluddy)
  • removed old SkillLichAddFollowers stuff (Bluddy)
  • now clear enemies when monster is raised from the dead (Bluddy)
  • ported MinHealthPercent/MaxHealthPercent in skills from Drox (Bluddy)
  • decreased NpcDeathChance in starving quest from 0.5 to 0.35 (Bluddy)
  • increased hunger randomness (increased from 10% to 20%) (Bluddy)
  • fixed missing ClassMonsterRogue (Bluddy)
  • fixed spiced cider texture (Caal/Manumitted)
  • changed Vengence to Vengeance (Roswitha)
  • added SkillImbueIceBolt, SkillImbueIceBall, SkillImbueIceRing, SkillImbueFireBolt, SkillImbueFireBall, SkillImbueLightningBolt, SkillImbueChainLightningBolt, and SkillImbuePoisonBolt (Bluddy)
  • fixed an infinite loop when starting a new character after winning or losing a world (SamF7)
  • fixed petrified chat (Caal)
  • fixed a couple chat/item typos (Manumitted)
  • changed the Alt help topic to match the newer defaults
  • fixed Carnivorous Cave typo (Valgor)
  • hunter's trap mastery now gets 2 disarm trap/5 perception per level (Antigrav)
  • fixed a spacing issue in intelligence highlight text (timeh)
  • on shrunk group quest decreased chance from 0.9 to 0.8 (Haus)
Drox Operative

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