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This week we've released Dina! This marks our fourth character of our planned 13. Derek was crazy, but after he becomes Dina, she just keeps on getting crazier!

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Indeed! Dina is now available for everyone to play! Join her in her quest to turn into the funnest thing she can come up with!

We've also added a few CGs to the Lynn route! They look pretty awesome, we hope you'll hunt em down!

We hit 50% to the top 100 on greenlight earlier this month, which is quite the achievement! Voting has slowed down, but we're still confident that if we keep working on the game and adding new content that the scales will tip in our favor.

-What's next-
Next up we've got Stephanie, our first female to male cast member. We're hoping to make a solid start on her this week. If things go well she should be ready for release sometime in the next month and a half or so.

So you guys have fun with Dina! She's a very peculiar character, and we hope you'll enjoy the ride!

akmalsymhashim - - 1 comments

I got the Dina update message since I'm one of the donaters back in the Indiegogo campaign, currently I have the Bri version. But I was unable to update to the Dina version, how exactly do I do it?

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Zetsub - - 92 comments

It's still being approved by the Desura patching team, but you can grab the Dina standalones on the right hand side of the Desura game page. Using the client right now will only update you to the Lynn route, but in a day or two it'll update to Dina when you click the little refresh button.

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Homesun97 - - 1 comments

Well, I was hoping to play Dina sooner, but Ok.

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dangfool - - 1 comments

thanks for all the hard work. :)

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kolorafa - - 1 comments

Isn't the version misleading? old 1.2, new 1.04? Is there some reason for this?

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DKDevil Author
DKDevil - - 71 comments

It was an issue with Desura's uploader. The old version should be taken down by Desura's staff when they approve the game for their client.

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