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Today I will be talking about the Guild System, Breeding and the development process.

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Guilds, Breeding and Notes.

I just made the function responsible for Pokemon Sex, also known as breeding.

I fixed a few bugs related to the Battle System, bugs that emerged after I made party battles possible, things are nice now.

I decided that PvP battles are going to need to be fast, which means, every Pokemon will have 10 or 15 seconds to choose what is going to do, otherwise, it will do nothing .

Now I’m a bit divided on what I should do with the breeding system. My initial plan was to put a day care on Player Guilds/Clans, which would be upgrade-able and would probably bring some prestige to guilds.

But a much simpler approach is to just have the day care NPCs out there in the world, just as in the original games.
But I’m making a MMO here and I want to promote interaction between players, that might mean having a shared guild day care.

I’m a bit lost in that matter, any suggestion would be appreciated.

Now for the future, I want to finish the guild system, adapt the tournament system to the new Battle System, fix the UI for shops, add some sounds and panels to make rewards more memorable, add lots of quests to Kanto, add Dungeons to Kanto and finish off Johto, after all that is done, I’ll be bringing the new Alpha. It’s a lot and I have no idea how much time it will take to do all of that.

I guess that’s all, see ya folks.

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