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About the development process of the game, the operating time at the moment, as well as some plans for further work.

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About the game development process


At the moment, we are actively preparing for the game festival on Steam, where a Demo version of our game will be shown. To be precise, the release will be Oct 7, 2020 @ 10:00 am PDT. So far, we have practically managed to create a minimum, the basis of the game, but there are still many unresolved issues and proposals for supplementing the content in general.

From the moment a game designer appeared in the team, it became easier and we even managed to develop a design doc for the project. Thus, we were able to reduce the development time by several weeks and combine them into a whole game development.


  • In general, separate locations of cities appeared, such as: a store, a tavern, a forge, an arena and a training camp, a prison, a council of elders, a throne room. (But there may be questions with the forge or tavern, in which case they can be redone).





All of them require further development. For example, you need to add the same diplomacy and receiving quests, conversations between the player and characters, and everything in this spirit.

  • An economic system has appeared, goods can now be bought and sold (all that remains is to add a menu for sale). The economy will be superimposed on diplomacy and relations with castes, which will give its own gameplay features. In this way, it will be possible either to receive benefits, or to win back a certain position of the player.


  • A normal view of the status of the detachment and its composition appeared. (But most likely the entire system of units will be redone due to the change in the combat system as a whole.)


Also during the game there will be special characters, as well as a chronicler. The characters will give different bonuses for the squad and for the game in general, and the chronicler will write down the history of the development of the game, but in a very specific way, noting details and telling interesting events, stories, etc.

  • An important point is to highlight the translation of the interface. I had to add a special .dll library for the engine in order to be able to translate into any language in the world. It will only be enough to register the translation itself in a separate file and indicate its callsign at startup. (Below is the translation into Russian and English, in the demo version the German language will also be present).



  • It is also necessary to highlight the combat system, which is currently being actively developed. It will be implemented according to the prototype of the battle in Eu4, but with several changes and styling. More details will most likely be already in the demo version of the game.
  • The last point for today is the points system. With the help of it, the player will interact with the world itself and progress as the game progresses. It also gives different play styles. Of the points, diplomatic, economic (coins), movements can be distinguished. Again, all this has to do with both the economy itself and diplomacy.

Conclusion and plans

  1. As already mentioned at the very beginning, we are waiting for the festival of games on Steam, and, most likely, this week a small trailer for the game or some developments in this direction will be implemented. Next, the game will get its own page in the Steam store.
  2. If possible, the maximum content will be implemented by the time of the festival, and then everything will depend on the development of events. This means that now there is an emphasis on the most basic mechanics of the game, due to lack of time and experience. But all the developments will gradually be supplemented later, in the early access of the game.
  3. Early access should be expected either in early October or at the next sale closer to November-December. Again, nothing can be promised.

Thanks you for watching this article.
Sincerely, RAD Team

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