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On the development process of the game + on the release of the game on Steam...

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On the development process of the game + on the release of the game on Steam ...

To begin with, over the past two weeks I have received final approval from the SteamWorks team to work with them. According to my plans, the release of the game Kings0 may occur at the end of October 2020, but only in Early Access. This means that I can see the ratings of the Steam community and players in general. This can also greatly influence some decisions in the final version of the game, which will be in development for a few months after early access.

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The main difference between the final version of the game will be more elaboration of the content. This means that I can finalize some mechanics and add a bunch of new ones. The same will happen with the graphics of the game, the plot and much more. Even closer to the final version, support for mods is planned,
full integration with the Steam interface and, if possible, cooperative play.

Just recently, I received an email offer from Steam to participate in their fall festival of games. Therefore, I am now thinking a little about this, but, in principle, I think that the game Kings0 can take part there and will just go into Early Access.

If we talk about the development process, now I am prescribing the interactive interface as a whole, designing its appearance and thinking about further development. This means that I can already start the game in some aspects. This will last until about August 20 or early September. After that I will be able to show some significant developments in this matter,
and the gameplay itself in general.

I can say for sure that you can fully interact with the game card. In fact, the game turns into a kind of medieval strategy with sandbox elements, and the plot of the game can vary from person to person.

I will say right away about a few lines further, that there is no false information here and I in no way pursue the rise of any race or any racial differences. Only historical facts, without any outside discussion. In the game itself, the plot will be slightly changed, but will remain more historical. If it is very difficult for someone to imagine, then it will look like a kind of Scandinavian saga with full control for the player.

If we talk about the plot, then there will be a deep meaning. The main action of the game will unfold on a certain fictional archipelago, where Midgard will be located. ! Judging by some ancient sources, Midgard is a land inhabited by the ancient peoples of the Aryans and located at the north pole of the planet Earth.
The game will feature all four main castes of the ancient Aryans, who will inhabit these lands and wage a continuous struggle with each other. The plot itself is not the main one for the player and is intended only for those who want to penetrate this ancient atmosphere, full of mysteries and deep meanings.
The player will even be able to directly meet some magical creatures and control the magical power on his own, or forge some magical weapon, no one knows for sure. However,
but in the plot there will be links to real, so to speak, author's notes. This will be done so that the player can already conduct an anology with our real world.
Of course, you need to understand that the game will be implemented in 2d graphics and therefore one should not expect anything strong in this regard, but I will still try to implement what I would like to play myself. In the end, one of the main reasons for developing this game is precisely that I personally am no longer interested in playing some modern strategies. I cannot explain it in any way. Toli is because of the graphics, or it is because of the lack of functions in one game, but their presence in another, where they are not needed at all. But again,
this is my personal opinion on this issue.

This is where I propose to end this post. Perhaps by September I will show a little gameplay from the game, but I will not promise anything, since there is still a lot to do.


Thanks you for watching this article.
Sincerely, Sergeev Anatoly (UncleSergy)

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