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Post news RSS Development Diary #6 - Massive Progress!

Very good news this time. The project is starting to look great!

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Hello all Year Zero followers (and those not following), I am back again with another Development Diary. I know it's been barely over two weeks since the last article, but I really had to write this article to keep the momentum up.

Mod Progress

Lots and lots and lots of things have happened since the last diary, despite the short time windows. These things include, but are not limited to:

  • The first half of the mod is pretty much connected together. All the maps are connected to each other, and most of the scripting is now done. The only thing that's still worked on is implementing the visual storytelling, and that will be a task I am going to enjoy doing. It is safe to say that the project is now at around 60% done.
  • Storywriting has finally been successful. This is the part of the mod I decided to work on myself, and for the first time I am producing something that makes sense. That being said, the mod will contain usual notes, voice acting, and visual storytelling (Read the third dev diary for more reference about visual storytelling)
  • As mentioned, the mod will contain voice acting - this is a huge plus overall!
  • The general idea and concept of the entire mod is now ready, meaning that idealizing and planning the future is now the least of my concerns. This excludes the ideas we might get on the go, however.

Overall, a lot of progress has seen the daylight. There is still a lot to do, but with this motivation and willpower things will keep rolling.

Other changes / news

One thing that will see a revamp is the mod description. I can not say it is entirely misleading, but given that the plot has been the same since I posted the modpage and that lots of things have happened during the modpage's existence, I'll have to rewrite it. The plot might see a slight chance, but the general idea will stay the same.

This was all for this time, I will write more and if there is something to show, I will do so. For once, this project is starting to look like something!




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