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Post news RSS Development Diary #2: Back on tracks - kind of

Second part of this Development Diary series. This diary is focused on some ideas, future and storyline development.

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-- Introduction --

Hello everyone, it's been quite some time since I last updated this page. The Summer has been quite a busy time for me, and in fact I think this Summer might have been the least active period of time for me in ModDB. However, now I've gotten back to tracks when it comes to weekdays as schools have started and there is a consistent routine. This also means that this mod will also continue development.

-- Progress / progress in near future --

The progress has been severely lacking, if the last two weeks are not counted. I did not lift my thumb up during Summer for this mod, which explains the lack of updates or new content. However, for quite some time now I have been working on the storyline of the mod, which I think is amongst the highest of my priorities for this mod as we speak.

The storywriting is probably he trickiest part for me when making an Amnesia mod is concerned. It's not the lack of ideas or creativity which hampers me the most, but rather the inability to convert thoughts and ideas to either text or visuals. However, I've been training this aspect for a bit and I can promise that Year Zero will have visual storytelling along with text.

However, due to my certain inabilities I will have to limit my progressing for only planning, making concepts and making the story. While it might be a bit frustrating that I am unable to create levels due to my mouse, I don't know if it's a bad thing at all to properly plan the mod before I start.

So, for the following few weeks I will be working on the storyline and planning how to execute the ideas I have. Year Zero is back on tracks, and while slow, there is progress now at least. Once I get a new mouse shall the progress speed greatly accelerate.

Thanks for reading, make sure to write down any comments or thoughts or questions you have!


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