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Post news RSS Dev Diary 3 - New parkour mechanics and 1 last outfit

Took long for me to make a new update since I got really sick. Good thing I've recovered. Anyways, we'll show you some new parkour features and 1 last outfit.

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Hello, everyone! As stated in this article's summary, I got sick to the point where I must take a break first. I finally recovered at last. Anyways, once again, let's take a look at new features.

2 new parkour features were added.

You can now use switches and cables (or ziplines).

ezgif com gif maker 2

ezgif com gif maker 1

Using ziplines and unlocking doors with switches are always my good ol' favorite moves.

(Also, why the fuck is the GIF so small though)

Ok, so this is the last one. We are talking about the last outfit we are adding.

Screenshot 20221112 210643

The Armor is now added as the last outfit. This can be unlocked by completing the last level, which is still WIP.

There a total of 7 levels, we are planning to make 8 more.

And that's all. See you next time.

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