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Post news RSS Dev Diary 2 - Enemies and new outfits

As stated in the title once again, i'll be introducing you to enemies and 2 new outfits added. So now, let's start!

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Hello everyone! It's been a week since i've posted an article. We have new things to show you... And we worked really hard to make them.

First, let's start with outfits.

Screenshot 20221029 205956

Screenshot 20221029 205944

The Ninja and The Suit is now added.

(I like wearing The Suit)

Next, the enemies.

Before that, let me show you a quick demonstration of combat.

ezgif com gif maker 1

So now, i'll tell you the variants of the enemies and how you can defeat them.

Normal enemy - Mostly standing on its position or it lands right in front of you.

Enemy with aura - Just like the normal enemy, except it has an aura around it.

Enemy with shield - Even with a shield, it's not much of a threat to you.

And... How do you defeat them?

Normal enemy - Tap on the right side of your phone's screen when you're near the enemy.

Enemy with aura - Hold on the left side of your screen, then tap again on the right side if you're near it. Beware, it has two types. One has a black and red aura (defeat him by doing what I told you earlier) and one which just has a red aura. That means you should not hold on the left side of your screen, but immediately tap on the right side when you're close to it.

Enemy with shield - Swipe on the left side of your screen if you're a bit close to him then tap on the right side after you do it.

And that's all, folks. See you next time.

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