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What I'll do when Therium-2 is finished, and once it's finished & released. This isn't an announcement of exactly when the game'll be released.

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"Release Date".

This isn't actually a concrete statement of when the game will be released; more like 'what it would mean once the release date is announced'.

And what exactly would that mean?

I've planned it out - once Therium-2's release date is announced, it'll mean these 3 things.

  1. Therium-2 is at, or near, a presentable state with enough bug testing and polish to be shown to everyone.
  2. It'll be about one or two weeks away from when it's announced (the precise release date will be given on the announcement).
  3. Therium-2 will have a trailer.

Just to detail what I've just said:

  • "Polish" and "bug testing" will mean that Therium-2 will be playable without game-breaking bugs, too many crashes, scripts that aren't awful and a decent framerate (40 is the goal, 60 is a very, very tasty treat that I'll aim for).
    • The storyline won't have major plot holes, realistic characters (as realistic as I can get them) with motives, enough notes scattered around the levels to complete the lore & backstory of Therium-2 (but not entirely to let players figure out the 'hidden' bits of the lore).
  • The timeframe between the announcement and release will probably be a week or two. There are two reasons for this.
    • Hype, duh.
    • Enough time to iron out any more bugs or framerate dropping bits that might get in the way of release, etc
  • The Therium-2 trailer will be completed either before or right when the release date is announced. I have enough experience in video editing to complete it, and access to music to play during the trailer, so that'll be dandy.
    • If I get the music that I'm looking at right now, it'll be absolutely hypetastic, and as long as my video editing doesn't suck too much it should be pretty great.


And as for the current status in development, everything is going perfectly smoothly. I'm mostly working on the storyline & lore of the Cinderbreathe Empire's relations with the Arliss Empire right now, but I'm still doing a bit of level development on the side.

I promise I'm going to do a lore update on the Empires, god damn.

Also make sure that you check the 'Articles' section of the ModDB page instead of the front news: due to the way ModDB sorts the articles, only articles labeled as 'News' gets featured on the front page. 'Features' like lore updates, descriptions of gameplay, etc, are stashed in the Articles section.

I'm sure you guys will enjoy the game once it's released; personally I feel like it's a bit overhyped but I'm pretty sure that's just my inferiority complex kicking in.

Either way, leave any feedback/comments/dating advice in the comments.

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