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Not really much to post for this first update as there isn't much I can share yet.

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The Eight Seas is our attempt to create a classic platformer. Our focus is fun, accessible (yet familiar) gameplay. When initially deciding what we wanted to do we talked, at length, about the games that stuck in our minds as amazing to play. We reminisced about Super Mario and Megaman whilst digging out our old consoles and getting stuck in to games that are as fun today as they were in the 90's.

So what I've been doing a lot of recently (whilst we're still hunting for artists) is getting a feel for those classic games from a level design standpoint. Looking at how each level is structured and paced. At how the difficulty is incremented level by level. The kinds of games I looked at were Super Mario Bros on SNES, Megaman X and Sonic 2 on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

I've also been working on our first level (with all our crappy placeholder art) so that once we have our assets I can just switch the old ones out. I'll be digging through all our internal files as well and seeing if I can't neaten some of our docs up so that you guys can have a deeper look at the world, characters and story that we're working on.

I'd love to put more info down here but for now this will have to suffice. I'll try to do a weekly (or more depending on free time and influx of info/announcements/news) update every Monday. Magusware will just continue to update and post just whenever the hell he feels like it. :P

-Meaden (Micmea668)

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