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Seeing as this is the first day and time for many of us to work on level design, we feel great about this! Also some info about the actual game!

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This wall with some sweet level design by our game writers and designers is going to be filled up with loads more! As a reader, you'll get these small appertiffs about what we're doing at the moment! Of course we'll also be uploading more and more of the same stuff so you can join us in seeing the progression! We are all super-hyped about this game and are doing our absolute best to make it into something we would play ourselves(without being the devs). Everyone's a frequent gamer and agrees that this is something great-in-the-making so to speak. We haven't really explained what the main mechanics of the game are or how it looks. So I thought I'd give you a small introduction: Office Rally is a 2D top-down racing game where you race with office chairs, sweet right? It's set in a number of different offices and with stereotypical-characters it really has potential! With focus on being a party game for you to enjoy(or in our case: rage at) with your friends!
Hang tight with us and you'll surely be seeing more dev blogs and gameplay shortly! Have a chairming day, everyone!

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