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Due to COVID and life circumstances I had been unable to do anything productive towards Relapse the Neverland until very recently as I have just gotten back on my feet and will be resuming development. To start things off here is an update to the demo

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brightnessmeter 2e6rvmgd

  • You are now prompted to adjust the brightness when you start a new game for the first time. The brightness option has also been expanded. Lighting in some areas have been updated to reflect the changess

3438068 niytuhum v4 1

  • Puzzle Difficulty Mode has been implemented. View Here for more information.


detectivechoice cqhzx93y

A fitting UI has been added to display your available choices when you enter the ??? Room.

toolhud mscc2zb4

Tool Acquisition UI has been changed.

throwrock 6hiz2wh5

Anna's throw animation has been updated, showing the object she is about to throw.

Misc Changes

  • Removed dialogue from the kitten plush lock case.

  • Fixed major bugs regarding Dizzy's cutscene.

  • Updated Dizzy's dialogue.

  • Fixed some internal engine bugs.

  • Added some new event choices.

  • Fixed a bug where a short delay happened after the monster attacked you, preventing you from moving.

  • Updated some art.

  • Sound Design/Music Engine has been updated and reformatted.

  • Added dialogue to Thomas while he's holding the toy.

  • Minor Level Design adjustments.

For more information on previous updates you can go here


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