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The demo gets one of its last updates with numerous balance fixes and the squishing of other small bugs!

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Over the past three weeks, the team has been fixing some of the glaring balancing issues as well as squishing the last remaining bugs we have in the demo. We're looking to focus all our efforts on our main release in the very near future with our gameplay and RP developing kicking it in high gear for the summer months. If you're still thinking to try out the demo, please take a gander at some player screenies and videos below:

Patch 1.4 Change Log:

  • fixed k-wing turret but
  • fixed Y-8 buy bug
  • added 3 torpedo slots to decimator
  • fixed class II frigate tractor beam range to 2k
  • increased patrol ships total shield hitpoints 30%
  • decreased patrol ships recharge rate 80%
  • increased interceptor refire rate by 15%
  • decreased interceptor recharge rate by 20%
  • 10% increase in DPS for interceptors
  • decreased VSD assault missile refire rate by 20%
  • fixed dx-9 cost bug
  • fixed dx-9 camera
  • reduced dispersion angle of atr-6
  • added assault concussion missiles to faction systems
  • moved hyperspace buoys further from bases in faction system
  • increased assault missile range to 10.5km
  • decreased refire time of MC30c and VSD assault concussion missiles to 70 seconds
  • improved DP20 Gunship Turret Camera
  • toscan torpedo bug fixed
  • decreased shield recharge in starfighters by 50%
  • changed shield offline based on shield capacity from 60-120 seconds depending on class/subclass of starfighter
  • fixed Corellian Destroyer Turbo not showing up bug
  • Fixed Golan II weapon loadout and AI
  • Modified faction system layout
Main Download required before the patch:
Main Demo Download

Download the 1.4 Patch Release here:
Mirror 1

To all our fans, if you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!


Thanks for the update guys. (: haven't been playing for long but sure do love this mod. =D

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FW:ToW_Sushi Author

Glad to hear it!

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Sadly I cant watch the video in Germany b/c of the music used.

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germany and its weird laws.. hehe

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That's not because of any law. That's because an institution, the GEMA (which represents a lot of artists) wants money for every (music-)video view, I don't know the sum anymore, but it was a few cents (which is quite a lot when you have millions of views). Now Youtube does not want to pay millions of dollars, so they just block the videos in Germany. Though with a proxy you can still watch them :P
Like always, it's just about money. -.-

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Actually, as long as you add something new (even lyrics suffices) to the music it shouldn't be blocked. Problem is just that for the gema, there is a reversal of the burden of proof, so many videos are being (usually wrongly) blocked until proven otherwise. Pretty dumb if you ask me and most people here really don't like the gema for those reasons.

fun fact: the gema was established by nazis.

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Holy smokes, this looks AWESOME!1! etc.. etc.. :D

Question comes to mind, are the cap ships player controlled?

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You can buy them ^^
in the Final Version other Players can Dock on ^^

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In the final? Players can already dock, assuming they are in the same group.

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Sweet, I am desperately searching for my CD's now more than ever.

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