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A busy week with a free demo release as well as an update bringing a Ship Positioning System(SPS) making it much easier for players to get where they are going.

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Demo Release

A free demo has been released to try the game before you buy it. The demo is completely multiplayer allowing you to play the game with your friends, even if they've bought it. A lot of time was spent gauging what demo players should and shouldn't be able to do and making sure they see the best part of the game while still having an incentive to buy the game. I think we achieved that with the limitations below:

  • You can only login to the Official Server.
  • You cannot leave a 1500 unit radius from the spawn platform. This gives you ample flying space but allows paid players room to build and fight uninterrupted.
  • You cannot use Spawn Stones to set their spawn to anywhere but the main Spawn Platform.
  • You cannot create items with Item Kit(Item Sculpter).
  • There is no time limit on demo accounts.

You can check out more about the demo and register for it on the site.

Sky Nations Client Demo Release (Requires Login)

Update 0.129

0.129 brings in a lot of user feedback changes. We had a big surge of users due to a lovely Rock Paper Shotgun article and launching the demo. There was tonne of feedback and a lot of bugs discovered and fix. One of the biggest problems were navigating to very specific coordinates which is where the Ship Positioning System(SPS) block comes in. This new block works a bit like the radar but allows you to enter coordinates which it will point too with holographic arrow. Making it really easy to reach specific destinations.

Energy well's have also returned to their previous incarnation of being destructible. However they no longer destroy the ship when they are destroyed. This is simply because with newer mechanics introduced in previous patches to the game make a single weak point on a ship no longer all that viable. This also means ships have a lot more availability. As always you can download the latest version here. Or wait for the update on Desura which should be up shortly.

Client/Server Changelog 0.129


  • Added /clean command to remove all one block ships on the server.
  • Added /delete shipID to remove specific ships on the server.
  • Added Mouse Inverting option to General tab in options.
  • Added correct directional shading to all Sculpted Items.
  • Remade thruster texture. It now has a visible change on all sides as to whether it is turned on or off.
  • Selected chat channel is now shown as green.
  • Changed Iron to 125 defense.
  • Added command /shipid for all players to retrieve their ship IDs. Incase of admin support.
  • Added error status when the client is disconnected, kicked, version mismatched and many other things on the Server lobby.
  • Changed grass texture.
  • Increased Demo damage interval to every minute to make it easier for demo players to return to spawn.
  • Removed Changed Region’s debug message which was accidentally included last update.
  • Nerfed ScratchyOrange6.
  • Molten rock has been reduced to 20 defense.
  • Failed username/password message is now clearer.
  • Added a new block called SPS(Ship Positioning System). You can enter coordinates into it and it will display a holographic arrow point to it.
  • Added SPS recipe. 8 Copper and 1 Burnout Core.
  • Added /mute playername and /unmute playername. It will also save between player sessions.
  • Energy wells are once again destructible by mallet. But will also not destroy the ship when they are destroyed.
  • Various server optimizations based on the 40 people peaks on Official Server.
  • Removed unused textures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash caused by special characters in text box.
  • Fixed delta sometimes becoming so high on large frame rate jitters on low end computers that you fall through the ground.
  • Fixed custom item’s crashing client due to invalid characters.
  • Fixed time going out of synchronisation.
  • Fixed inventory being stuck open.
  • Fixed equipment replacing other items when placing over them in the equipment slots.
Guest - - 699,290 comments

When i open the game it crash
win 7 64 bit

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MrBenjammin Author
MrBenjammin - - 76 comments

Make sure you have the required runtimes installed from the download page.

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Guest - - 699,290 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

sgmongo - - 53 comments

Little warning to those needing the runtimes... the directX has a annoying addition. I really really really hate piggybacking software I don't want with the things I do. Bing is getting on my nerves...

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sgmongo - - 53 comments

So far so cool. Wish there was a tree somewhere that i could use to improve my little ship. Any chance of making them more accessible?

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MrBenjammin Author
MrBenjammin - - 76 comments

Trees are incredibly common. You can also grow them with a log on dirt. You can also just uncheck the bing option when installing DirectX.

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