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Announcement of Shooting Star Seven Demo 3 - WIP of Hyper Fusion.

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Spoiler alert!

Hi gamers. it's been a while.

demo2 soon

as you seen in demo's last screen, there's several playable character.
or should I say...'Form'

Let me introduce...



Yes. there's 3 kinds of Hyper fusion and the rest forms are secrets yet.
this time I'll explain about HFAC- Hyper fusion Amy Cecily.
following screenshots are process of making HFAC.

1 normal

1. HFAC based on Amy's code.

2 broken

2. Without adjust, they will break like this.


3. Because Amy's sprites works like this.




4. So I must see their sprites and make coodinate matrix.

3 almostdone

5. Check possible sprite crack with vivid background color.

4 done

6. Done.

of course, HFAC has power of both girls, like:

Charged attack

and overcame weakness like:

Diagonal shot
Shield recharge time

and has some bonuses:

Regenerating bomb
Infinite ammo
Counter shield

Cool. isn't it?
but it's not done completely! I just finished only graphics.
enjoy video and stay tuned.

LordofGilneas - - 710 comments

Very Interesting, I look forward to what this means gameplay wise.
EDIT: Bold choice btw, some would argue to go transformers or DBZ-esque regarding Hyper Fusion. I like it.

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kyropim Author
kyropim - - 37 comments

Thank you. actually output of fusion is different with them, so it will be fine.

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kyropim Author
kyropim - - 37 comments

Oh I mistook. 1+1=1 method is good too, but that's used too much from other animes or games, so I took this method.

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LordofGilneas - - 710 comments

I know, that's what I meant. I like your bold choice.

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kyropim Author
kyropim - - 37 comments

Thank you :)

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