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As my belly grows and my company requires a lot of attention, I find myself scrambling for timescraps to put the finishing touches on Garvest Boon. I'll never be satisfied, but it's time for you to play it!

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For those of you who watched my live coding, I did incur in a major hiccup sometime just before christmas. One of my fattest files got corrupted, and I had to rebuild it by heart with a very old backup. Since then I am better at backing my files up constantly...sometimes the creative moment sweeps you and you forget the simplests of precautions.

My final deadline is February the 28th. My baby should be born on March 8th, which means after that any more delays will mean a year or a half at least. I hope I can keep this last deadline, given how little is left to do. Baby unborn keeps me a bit deconcentrated as kicks and punches have started to hurt, and I am a bit short of breath because of the diminished space in my torso. Wish me luck! 頑張ってね!

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