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Hello, guys! Today i will show you some items from game. It's all done, yeah!

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Okay, lets start. Here the four hero abilitis (Eidos active and passives):

- Shield smash. Chance to stun.
- Stronger counterattacks
- Extra health
- Chance to interrupt range enemies counterattack

Okay, now, some upgradable items:

- Ken Cannonford rocket launcher
- Eidos Starkshield helmet
- Akyl Electrokhan crossbows
- Envy Hammersmash body suite

And, finally, my lovely part. Consumable items!

- Little cat helper: +25% health
- Fat cat helper: +50% health
- Fruity cat: +25% health and energy
- Frenzy cat: +20 damage, but -20 resistance

Thats all for now, im continue working, thanks!

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