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This hunter though... read it - fear her! This is the story of who the game's villain is and why she acts as she does.

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"Her hands were trembling. The flesh felt warm against her fingers and this was the first time she ever felt disgusted by emptying a corpse of its content. It was a time consuming job and her hound kept barking outisde to be let in and fed. Dame hunter knew that she would not be able to continue her work if she stopped now. The fingers and toes were the most difficult; as the years passed they had become bony and wrinkled.
Nearly a day had passed until she was finished.... She threw the flesh into the crematorium and lit its fire. The body had turned out beautifully and its enamel eyes glittered from the newly lit fire. The man in front of her was classy, but Dame hunter knew better. The inside had been rotten for years and she had finally taken matter into her own hands to preserve what was actuaully worth something.
From now on her airship would have the most unique figurehead ever."

- Extract from the manuscript of Strigiformes

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